The questions you must face as a bisexual?

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If you are coming out as bisexual no matter how you elude, someone always ask you some difficult questions or comment. What do you think of these questions and comment? Because many of these questions make us feel awkward and even hate to answer. So, let’s count these questions. You may meet them sooner or later once you come out as bisexual. One’s curiosity can’t be stopped. We should learn about how to take them in stride. Let’s see what these questions are.

[ F&M which do you prefer? ]

It’s basically a thinly veiled question. But also proved the person who ask you this question don’t understand bisexual. Not only him, every non-bisexual can’t understand it. But they don’t need to understand what is bisexual, just like they don’t need to understand what is gay. This is not OK – don’t ask other people who they prefer having sex with, it’s personal. Even though you best friend is bisexual, don’t ask him/her this question. Because this question itself is a question. .

[ You’re gay – admit it! ]

What? Bisexual could turn to gay? Why I don’t know? I want say bisexual is bisexual, can’t be somebody else. If your mean is that bisexual is a transition phase from straight to gay, you are wrong. Even if I don’t have relationship with male/female any more, it doesn’t mean I become a gay or straight. Woman and men have same attraction with me. I just make a decision, married to a man or woman. Do you keep relationship with ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend if you get married? Come out as bisexual is not a joke and bisexual could never become gay!

[ What percentage of gay do you think you are? ]

This is same as last question, but have a little different. It is a euphemism. In his mind, doesn’t think bisexual could be pure. It’s another way to deny bisexual. It’s a research of the anthropologist. I’m not supposed to answer. It’s about what is bisexual, not about me.

[ It must be so great fancying everybody ]

Oh, please. I’m bisexual not a highly promiscuous person. You can’t equate the two. You like girl/boy doesn’t mean you will fancy every girl/boy you ever meet.

[ Will you have a threesome dating with us? ]

Ok, this is an important question. Bisexual is once considered the best threesome partner. Some bi curious want looking for single bisexual woman to have threesome. Although a part of bisexual woman have the threesome dating experience with couple, but it’s just personal selection. Anyway it’s very rude to ask a bisexual woman to join a threesome. If you want looking for dating with bisexual woman, there are many bisexual dating sites online. You can find a local bisexual dating there or threesome partners. But not target your bisexual friends.

[ How are you going to decide who to marry? ]

Choosing a life-long partner based on their genitals is way more important than say, compatibility. This is an answer from a bisexual news. Does it match your mental expectations?

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