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There are large quantity of bisexuals and bi-curious active in bisexual group or bisexual dating site, however plenty of people choose to hide their sexuality especially bisexual woman.

The reason why this situation happens is that so much of them are struggle in coming out, they are face the stress given by their family. I don’t want to tell you that you are not alone, I just wanna say there is a local bisexual dating site, are you interesting? Looking for fun is the nature of every person. Maybe you can’t public your sexuality due to kinds of reasons. Maybe you are bisexual, sissy, gay, lesbian, but so what? Am I happy today - is the question that you should care for.

Here’s my advices for those of you struggling with coming out as bisexual.

Identity = Experience + what you want

Identity isn’t changeless in your whole life, it may and most likely will change over as time goes on. Many people realize their sexual orientation at about thirty and even later. Except lesbian and gay. Most of lesbian and gay know their sexual orientation at 13 and ever earlier. This is different between other sexual orientation people.

Also not all bisexual is pure bisexuality. A large portion of came out bisexuals are bi-curious. It doesn’t matter, after all the reasons we love someone is related if they are sincerity and honest but not their sexual identify. This point is very important. Even you are looking for threesome dating I think you must want that your partners are honest and upright. This is almost a convention of looking for serious relationship.

A fraction of bi women will ask their partners join threesome dating, we call them bisexual couple. They want looking for another woman as the third one. It’s different with swinger couple. Their main goal is single female, it means they only interested in FFM threesome. Swinger dating include couple dating couple, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Bi-curious is the most active crowd in bisexual group. Most of them just want looking for some fun, they don’t care about partner’s sexual orientation. A part of bi-curious people want looking for serious relationship. Usually, they will rigorous screening dating partners. They won’t accept directly dating plan. At first they will chat with the partner in bisexual dating site or threesome dating site. Then decide whether begin a relationship. Your sexual orientation become important at this time. So that you should careful thinking before you want begin a serious bisexual relationship or threesome relationship.

Nothing is permanently, no matter what is your identity now, no matter what kind of dating you want join, it’s a chance to explore your life.

Bisexual community is developing healthy and fast.

Let’s draw an analogy, if there are two circle one is straight and another is bisexual. There are ten people in all, eight people stand in straight and only two people stand in bisexual. What’s is your feeling if you are bisexual.

But now when you come out as bisexual, you will not feel isolated, because our bisexual community is thriving. I built a bisexual group on Facebook, and I found that the members are very glad to identify they are bisexual, lesbian and gay. In the community you can meet more bisexual people. I get a lot of requests of join my group every day. The members come from all over the world, US, UK, Australian, Philippines, Canada, Japanese, Arab etc… I have good reason to believe bisexual group is very big and it’s still growing.

You don’t have to come out.

If you feel depressive about conceal your identify to others, I can tell you that you don’t have to come out. That is what dating site is about. If you just want experience the feeling of coming out, please forget my words. Online dating sites provide many conveniences to these people who want looking for fun but don’t want to their life. A transvestite could share photos to his online chatting partners and what’s the feeling of dress a skirt. They don’t have to dress a skirt and walk on the street and looking for a sense of being. The same as looking for bisexual dating and bi couple looking for third. Online dating sites know that it’s very important to protect user privacy. They provide special chat room for members and other measures to help member find right partners.

Let’s draw an analogy, if there are two circle one is straight and another is bisexual. There are ten people in all, eight people stand in straight and only two people stand in bisexual. What’s is your feeling if you are bisexual.

How to pick out partners?

I think many members have the question about how to pick out bisexual partners and threesome partners. You just remember that:

    Don’t believe the photo before you meet.
    Relationship has nothing to do with money.
    Don’t leave your phone number, email and address to a stranger.
    Choose public places as the first dating place.

If you are member of any online dating site, try to send message to your interesting people forwardly. Because we found that many people are tend to receive message but not send message. You should take initiative when looking for a partners.

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